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Ok, several friends and I were feeling nostalgic and decided to play Pokemon Fire Red after seeing a couple of emulated videos online. It brought back quite a few memories, and since we all ended up going to different colleges, we'd thought it'd be a fun way to remain competitive.

Now the problem:
We've connected using VBALink 1.8 and Hamachi. ~50-78% speed
We tried using 1.72 with vbaserver <50%
We've gone through all the speed tweaks.
All of our laptops are more than adequate.
All of our download and upload speeds are at least ok. (Avg. 22mb/s down, 4mb/s up)

At one point we were getting ~139% speed, but the next day it changed back to 77%.

We are insanely envious of everyone that seems to be able to play online at normal speed. Is there anything you kind chaps could suggest to help us relive some of our boyhood youth?
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