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Hi- I have been playing on VBA-M and want to switch to No$GBA. When I export my battery file from VBA-M into the battery folder for No$GBA, the game starts but it loads an older save state than the one I exported.

Both VBA-M and No$GBA have automatic/default save settings. It is just weird because when when I save and export in VBA-M my character is in one place, and then when I start that same state in No$GBA (in the same battery folder as the ROM/No$GBA exe), my character is in a completely different place (a place I was about 3 days ago).

Every other emulator I have tried has pulled up the save state correctly, except No$GBA. It is almost like No$GBA is pulling up a different save state than the one I am pointing it to, but I have gone through all of my .sav, .sgm, etc. files and cannot find any one that matches the save state No$GBA is pulling up.

Any thoughts?
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