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I saw that there was no skinning program yet for VBA so I made a little one
The program has a non advanced GUI. Not even simple sometimes I admit, but it's still in alpha.
It also needs to have "RegionCreator.exe" in it's startupfolder (the latest GUI version)


First select
File ==> new skin
to create a new skin the give an Filename, this file will be used to create the ini to.
The files will not be auto moved/copy'd to this folder (the bitmaps)

On the right side click on "..." next to "Select BackGround Image:" to select the main background color.

Then Click on the image to set the transparent color for the image, when the skin is created it auto generates the rgn file for that color

Now click on "Set Playing Area" Click and drag on the image to set this area, in top of the right window you'll see the position, width and height.

optional part
If you want to add a button click on Add Button
Click on the "..." besides the Normal, over and down texts, it will auto use Normal if no image is set.
Now you can select the ID from the list (thanks to: "sefjwm")
Click on move button to move the button to the desired position
Optional is the transparency for the button.

Width and height from a button image is not possible to set, it auto gets the width and height from the total image

/optional part

Click create skin

Tell me your suggestions and bugs

Download link:
VBA Skin Creator
Region Creator

p.s. It also links to the problem Help VBA Thread

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I'm sorry to inform you that I don't have the file at hand. I'll check if I can still locate it. If I can find it i'll release the source with it.
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