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Asmost of you probably noticed, VBA has been alot less active then before. The team has posted this on their Hompage:

Sunday, February 27 2005 - VBA needs your help

VBA needs your help. Without more people helping VBA, it will no longer be updated. If you can compile the code and have a passion for finding bugs, please say so in the ngemu VBA forum. We are couting on you to help VBA stay alive.

VBA team
So if anyone can help out and scratch the remaining bugs, let them know.

VisualBoy Advance Homepage
VBA Forum

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This is quite a silly question to ask, especially since I have no idea what is involved, but what bugs are left to clear? From the post, I am under the assumption that bugs are to be filtered out.....otherwise, there are no new features that are planned to be supported?

r2rX :D
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