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VBA mac help

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hi, i have VBA on my Mac osx. the roms i have play but an error comes up saying "error creating file battery saves/spyro - season of ice.sav
How do i fix it so it can save?
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IIRC, this is a known issue with Mac VBA. Since AFAIK the code for battery saves are in the core, it's probably some nonportable code therein. The only thing I can tell at this point is that it may be a problem with the code in Util.cpp (since all roads practically lead there) - it is most likely an endian issue (a similar issue prevented CB decryption from working on the Mac) from casting something something with inherent byte sex to void*, ie. where every byte is sexually ambiguous. I suspect that any build on VBA on a big-endian system (eg. vba on solaris-sparc) will have similar issues.
Ah I see. I was looking at the wrong sources (Flash.cpp and EEprom.cpp). The problem stems from the file pointer from calling std::fopen() in CPUWriteBatteryFile() in GBA.cpp returning null.

Still, I have found that utilGzWriteInt() is not endian-safe in any case...
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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