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VBA mac help

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hi, i have VBA on my Mac osx. the roms i have play but an error comes up saying "error creating file battery saves/spyro - season of ice.sav
How do i fix it so it can save?
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No, the saving issue is not an endian problem. There must be something else wrong in the system. All it tries to do is write to a file in the specified battery directory. I don't know at what state flea left the Mac port, so I have no idea how you even configure it.
Endian-safe is different from the problem writing to the file. I never worried about producing the correct endian-safe files, but the saves I think are endian safe, maybe with the exception of the compression on top of them, because aside from that, they are just bytes in the order the game writes. It is up to the game and emulator to read it correctly.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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