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VBA Link 1.8 Problem

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I'm trying to do an Network play on VBA Link with Pokemon yellow to envolve some of my Pokemons.

When I open the .exe 2 times and starting the games - going to Pkmn Center for Link stuff - I'm doing connect right after and it works fine, but when I talk to the b*tch there, she always says the same and Lan isn't working at all then. When I close one of the VBA Link.exe it says, that the connection is broken.

I wanted to try it with 1.72 too, but that version was crashing, when I entered an Pkmn Center. I also tried it via Hamachi and it didn't work either.

[x] - Pause when inactive Window off
[x] - Synchronize on
[x] - Automatic IPS Patchin on
[x] - PNG Format
[x] - Wireless Adapter

Any suggestions to fix it? Or any other GBA Emulator with Multiplayer? (didn't get No$GBA running with an rom-file >.<")
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you need to use No$GB (without the A)
Is it possible to do it on 1 PC with No$GB ? Or just via Lan?

Anyway, the main problem still exists, because at the other points I'm very statisfied with VBA
i don't know of any GB emulators that do lan... maybe TGB Dual?
i don't know of any GB emulators that do lan... maybe TGB Dual?
Downloaded TGB Dual already. I will try it and No$GB tomorrow, but I'd prefer to fix the problem of VBA somehow.

I only want to trade Pkmn, but Lan Duel possibility would be cool, too. But not necessary.
not possible, VBA doesn't do GB or GBC linking, its even mentioned on the VBA-L site.
Pokemon Fire Red Version would be an possibility then, but Mew Glitch isn't working there :dead:
btw can I use the savegames of VBA for No$GB?
yes, nogba will accept vba saves directly.
the save games yes, but not the save states
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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