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Hi guys, this is my first post.
I have the VBA emulator 1.8.0 beta 3. However, the speed never crosses 175% (when playing newer Pokemon games like Emerald or Fire red. But it speeds up when playing older generation games.)
I've tried every possible speed setting but it will never cross 175%. Rarely it goes to about 180% but it never goes beyond that.
This occurs even when holding down the speed key (space key in my setup). It just doesn't make any difference holding down the speed key as the speed never changes
A couple years ago whn I first installed VBA the speed used to work fine, I remember it reaching 600% to 700%. But now it doesn't work like that anymore.
I've tried uninstalling and installing the emulator multiple times but the issue is always the same and because of this I started using the no$gba emulator.
Can someone suggest a fix for this as I really like using the VBA emulator.
All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance
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