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First of all i'd like to thank the people who helped with the release of epsxe 1.7 You dont know how much i appreciate it. 1.6 used to freeze at 6 hours in Arc the Lad, freeze at 5 hours in Breath of Fire 3, freeze at 1 hour in Alundra, freeze at 15 hours in Xenogears.

1.7 has passed all these unpassable freezes. My real hardware wouldnt even get past 10 hours in Arc the Lad so my CD might be deffective (unscratched)

Anyways, Vandal Hearts 2 has not been fixed. Im sure its a common problem i;ve seen people ask of it but never post solutions, in battle when the characters are supposed to have theyre animation turn the game freezes and then fast forwards past the animation i guess you can say.

Someone said to use the software video driver that it would look like crap but work, it didnt work. I use Petes Direct X 6 D3D driver for all my games and they run perfect with all the best settings on even 2xSal.

The newest version of Petes OpenGl does not work whatsoever on my graphics card. I have a Compaq 1.6 ghz with a 64vram video card (dunno what kind).

I play on a 42' LCD using an S-video cable btw and the psx games look way better than the actual PSX or even PS2 running PSX games.

I just want Vandal Hearts 2 to play normal, this is the only game i've ever had trouble with please someone help! I loved and beat part one back when it first came out and i never experienced the sequel, just up to the fist damn battle cant even say i killed a monster in the game yet!
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