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Vampire The Masquerade- Bloodlines

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WEll just beat the game and i must say best game a played in a long time :D

anyone else play it?

im definietly gonna play it over:), i thought the ending i got was dumb lol
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I started it and got kind of bored with it, I might pick it up again in the next month but I'm playing psychonauts.
I played it at a friend's place some time ago, and it really interested me. Perhaps I'll play it myself once when I have the money. It did inspire me to pick up VTM: Redemption again, a game I bought 2 years ago but never got far in.
I heard bad things about it, such as it being full of bugs. I never liked any of the previous VtM titles anyway.
Well, one of the reason I got the game is that I knew it was made by the guys from the old Fallout dev team. Yeah ok it's full of bug, not very optimized, but yeah it's lot of fun,
dark ambience, dark humor (plenty of it) several endings... I've finished it as a Ventrue and a Malkavian, I got fun, I'll get the other endings later ;)

Fallout was bugged a lot, yet the best CRPG, VtM:B is also bugged, and it's still a very good game. IMO it's great for both FPS and RPG players.

Too bad Troika got closed, it's the only devlopment team that made games good enough for us to forgive their crappy and unstable programming :(
Playing as a Malkavian must be fun... Anyway, does this game have my favorite clan - the Tzimisce?

If it does I might consider playing it (Vicissitude rules :evil: )
I don't know, I tried to play it and just couldn't get into it...then agian I haven't been able to get into to many games it could just be me...
>> Playing as a Malkavian must be fun... Anyway, does this game have my favorite clan - the Tzimisce?

I think it's there but I installed it in french, some names are slightly changed :s
Cool thing is that you can choose the language you want and the voices wil still be english, good for learning ^^
I was checking the internet, and apparently you can only play with Camarilla clans. That's too bad. The Tzimisce and the LaSombra kicks a** :(
You can still be evil to a certain degree... as long as you don't break the Masquerade rules too many times
I played it and loved it. RPGs like this are few and far between, there need to be more like this.
Vampire the masquerade Bloodlines is a masterpeice if you ask me, kinda slows down a bit in some areas but I love that game :D, it kinda sucks that troika shut down :(... that reminds me, I haven't played the first vampire the masquerade, how is it? is it kinda the same?
>Vampire the masquerade Bloodlines is a masterpeice if you ask me

OK... it was a good game. Not superb, and certainly not a masterpiece. Too little choice, far too short, and far too buggy to be really enjoyable.

>kinda slows down a bit in some areas

Right.... no game should bring my machine down to 10fps in 640x480 low detail. That's what hte beach did to it. I was barely breaking 20 FPS on the streets. That's not slow that's a decapitated sloth taking it easy.

> I haven't played the first vampire the masquerade, how is it? is it kinda the same?

Completely different. Starts in the middle ages. Complete change in the handling of stats. Complete change in the combat system. Runs well, even on poor hw of the time.
... And it's not Troika style
What you mena it's not as buggy as ant stew?
yeah that's right, Troika guys write crappy code, but I meant that their game have a special feel that most others don't
Yeah, that slowness and bugginess gets me everytime.
Regardless of how good the rest of a game is, if the programmers can't be bothered to write code that doesn't need essentialy a complete rewrite to run stably and fast, it's not a good game. Many games have been ruined this way.
Yeah I understand, but it's slow only in streets. If you don't go murdering random ppl you
don't have any fight outside in the towns. The game crashes sometimes, just like others,
but not that often, and rarely compared to Fallout 2. The game is good enough to be played even with such technical flaws IMO, when a game is good, bugs are forgivable as long as they don't ruin the gameplay too much. Maybe you forgot to patch it to 1.2?
I admit it still doesn't make it perfect though it's enjoyable
This is one of the very rare cases (that I play) where the game is unplayable out of the box.
I'm not saying that games should be perfect on the shelves, well actualy they should be, but it's acceptable to have some flaws. Incompatible with non-mainstream cards out of the box? OK, it can be patched. Some minor graphical flaws? Ok, that's acceptable. Minor gameplay bugs? OK, they couldn't all be ironed out, but they can be patched. Game halting crash regardless of the system/OS you have? That's just plain bad coding. Poor performance in a well optimised engine on a high end machine? That too is just plain bad coding. Both are unnacceptable. The more people accept bigger flaws, the more manufacturers feel that's it's alright to put ****e out.
It's up to the Publisher to choose to betweend bugfix and early release, I've often read about developers being angry cause they had no time to polish their games :s
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