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vampire Bloodlines question

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hi there people
i'm playing vampire bloodlines now but bcuz it have the same engine as half life 2 and my grafix card sucks i dont think i'm using dx9 for hardware renderer
so does any body knows how to force the game to use Dx9 like enabling it from trhe console or somthing
thanx in advance
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:ROFL:! Your card would run beteer if it were using DX8.x anyway! The FX 5xxx series had utter crap Dx9 support and are far faster at Dx8.x. Add to that that the 5200 is at the bottom end of the spectrum.....
However the dx level should be changable using the following console commands
DirectX 9: mat_dxlevel 90
DirectX 8.1: mat_dxlevel 81
DirectX 8.0: mat_dxlevel 80
DirectX 7.0: mat_dxlevel 70
DirectX 6.0: mat_dxlevel 60
DirectX 5.0: mat_dxlevel 50

Setting the priority of the game to low may improve performance in the game, if that is the problem.
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