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Valkyrie Profile

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Hi all,
my name on the Internet is Cygoku, so just call me Cygo!

I just bought Valkyrie Profile for PSX to use on emulator such as VGS or ePSXe. But unfortunately, it crash everytime onm each emulator, but at different point of the game. Like, in VGS, it crash when Freya and Lenneth are going in the human world. And in ePSXe, it crash when Odin, Freya and Lenneth are talking 'bout war. Those 2 bugs are coming after starting a new game.

So the reason of my new thread, is to ask to other people like me to test their Valkyrie Profile game (or CDr) in both emulator. And tell me where does it crash for you in VGS, and as for ePSXe, try to test with all combination... :eyes: I know, there is a lot of combinations, but just test some on your spare time and come back here to tell wich plugins for CD-Rom, SPU and GPU. And don't forget to mentionned what is your OS and System.

And when Pete Soft GPU Plugin will be in open source, I will try to fix it. But we must first know exactly what's the problem with that game.

So plz help us out. And be like hik --> :cool: TOTALLY COOL when we will resolve that problem.

You can also contact me via [email protected]

I hope to get a lot of help from testers and programmers who will be able to help us out.

Hope to read from all of you soon.

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sorry but Valkyrie Profile is not perfectly emulated in ePSXe and in VGS:cry: (its been like that for 3 versions of ePSXe)although there is a work around for that using bleem and a patched vgs: although I haven't tried it(maybe someone will confirm this) first play it in bleem during the start and when you finally get a chance to save do so and convert it to vgs(there is a zip file around some threads here containing that do a search for it) from ten on use vgs to play it...
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