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Hello there !

I tried to play Valkyrie profile with AdriPSX 1.0.5 since I've sold my old playstation, Im using all the recommended plugins I've seen on this forum, but the game don't work... I have this error :

EMULATION ERROR: Unsupported MIPS CPU Instruction

My computer is an ALIENWARE P4 3.2Ghz, 2048 Mo ddr, Nvidia Geforce Go 6800 256 (PCI-express)

I tried to launch the game from the original CD, from ISO, nothing to do, always the same error.

I tried too on different emulators (epsx 1.6.0, PSXeven), but nothing happen, no error, just black screen.

Can someone tell me whats going on plz ^^ ? And how to correct this ?

(sorry for my bad english, Im a little frenchie :p)

Thanks a lot!

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