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Valkyrie Profile

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I have a sound problem with Valkyrie Profile.
It keeps clipping. I'm at the begining. I'm using pete's plugins...

Also, in battle, it has a major slowdown...
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what is ur graphics card and what are ur sound plugin specs?
Using the Pete's GPU, set to nice.
Using Eternal SPU, set to SPUasync, Smooth with a buffer of 32.
try lowering ur display settings to summat less nice. lower your framebuffer textures or any other graphic setting.
I suggest using the p.E.o.P.s soft GPU for this game, otherwise some effects will be missing among other things, I guess it depends on what computer you have though, if you have a graphic card and not so good computer pete's openGL might speed it up.
I got it. I swithed to PSXeven.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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