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My problem is: (not sure if this is game-specific or really general, sorry if I am wrong.)

the controls lag as hell. everything else is fine but this. I'm speaking of 1-2 seconds lags, even up to 5-6 sec. It happens very frequently, for no reason at all, specially when you just entered a new area. It was not that bad in FFT and FF9 (sometimes), but right now, Valkyrie Profile is impossible to play. Anything that requires timed jump is a nightmare. D:
To add to that, sometime, when I stop pressing keys, the character continues to do the action anyway. Like going forward until you hit a wall or die in a pit or do a whole sequence of action ten seconds later.

Tried: changing the plugins, changing the controls, changing emulator (PSXeven, ePSXe version 1.6 and 1.5), and I'm short on ideas. I'm ready to re-try some of those out of spite.

I could try it out on another computer, but it crashes when you go to the land map (retry-cd or freeze when it's an iso). I don't know why, it's basically the same config. But it has Vista HARHARR

And I played this game from start to end six years ago on the same computer ;____; (maybe not same everything, but still...)
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