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Valkyrie Profile prob's *possible spoilers*

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Well, all was fine and dandny until right after the battle between the demon jelanda and arngrim and co. now when it gets to where he is ruminating on his lack of morals, it just stays at that screen. it's not frozen-i can bring up the previous dialouge with L2(?) any ideas?
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Have you activated save-states?

I suggest switching to PSXeven or SSSPSX to address this problem.
yeah, i have the save-states up and running. i guess ill have to give that a try!
er...I meant avoiding them...use saves from the memcards instead
This game works fine to play through on epsxe 1.5.2 though, so there shouldn't be any need to switch to SSSSPX or Xeven
I randomly encouter problems using savestates with this game.
Most people rely on savestates nowadays, so I recommanded other emulators. ;)
PSXeven runs it well enough-havent hit that part yet, though. ***SCRATCH THIS-i feel like a frikken idiot-i forgot to enable the frame limiting-now FFT runs fine.***
oh-AVOID the save states. heh. i wish i had the time to rely on just the in game saves, but i dont know how long i'll get to play before im out the door, so i generally have to use the save states.
If you *actually* made a search on savestates, most threads, which I believe, are the primary causes for causing problems it shouldn't. :/

Savestates can somehow screw up games. (An example would be Metal Gear Solid...) So, try avoiding them until you made a save onto a memcard.
Thanks for the help fireblaster_lyz and ChankastRules for the help. I've got it running nice and smooth on PSXeven, all is well.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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