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I'm having some probs with Valkyrie Profile (as well as a few other games) in which the emulator goes slow and stuff. If i turn of certain 3d options and stuff though it goes faster.

Also in Valkyrie profile it often locks up and i have a theory that it's something with the sound. (Yes sound is laggy and slow too) but when i do get it to work for 5 minutes or so it looks pretty good.

If you have any advice or something please tell me at [email protected]

These are my Sys. Specs: (and YES i know they are not great)

Amd K6 450 mhz processor overclocked to about 500
Viper V77 (based on Riva TnT2 /Tnt2 Pro) video card
52x max cd-rom drive
Unknown sound card (??? :( )

If i forgot anything e-mail me plz :/
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