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Well, when I started the game and I got to the part where Freya is talking to Lenneth, the game doesn't exactly freeze, but it does not progress any further, it just stays there, I thought I read a thread about this problem, but I can't seem to find it.....

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Originally posted by Dreadmann
Well crap..I don't have any other PSX emu that can take a good amount of screenshots...instead I have to print screen em'
I'm just trying to get some sprites from it of the Elder Vampire
Unfortunately, no emulator can play Valkyrie Profile properly. If I'm not mistaken, you can get past the oepning by checking "Disable CDROM Status", but you'll run into other problems, like severe slowdowns in battles.

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Hi, Dreadmann. Why don't you use a screen capturing program (like HyperSnap DX) for your screenshots ? can find a lot over at tucows.

Now, as far as VP is concerned, SIR_LINX & Badaro are right, this game has many issues with ePSXe.... but you can still use VGS & a screen capturing program to get your screenshots.

to see how each emu works with VP, check out this thread , and also this one

...good luck !!! :)
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