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Valkyrie profile problem

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i got start the game but when the menu screen open up the game stucks!! I cannot do anything. The cds are the us version.
Anyone got the same problem??? Maybe i have to select a specific bios or to change some options in the graphic menu???
cya :confused:
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from what I've try and read, valkyrie profile isn't playable in any emulators (this could be wrong in the future)..
From what I've experienced and read he should be able to get farther though, it locks up a bit into the intro talks. But no clue what his problem here may be, maybe it just is picky about what bios to be used like Legend of Dragoon is.
thx alot guys
ok now when i press f4 the game works :D
... but the battles are really too slow :(
i have got a pII450 with 384mb ram and geforce is that all a crap or the emulator is not perfect??:confused:
thx again
ehi gerbilcannon i want to ask u a question
yuor picture, from what anime is taken??? :)
Isn't it from Perfect Blue? i thought that was a pretty neat one even though it was kinda strange.
Everyone seems to like my choice. Yes septikus is correct, it is from Perfect Blue and I highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet!
Thx Gerbilcannon for this information ! Have u ever seen Neon Genesis Evangelion ??
Seen the first 10 episodes absolutely loved it want to see more!

Back to Tokichi's question,
What can I do to make the battle in VP work well.

I have:
PII / 400
Elsa Gladiac Geforce 2 GTS

I used:
Pete's OGL GPU 1.50
Internal SPU Core
ePSXe 1.40
Pete's CDR 1.50

The speech is okay with me, try internal SPU....
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Hi Stefanus, I tried VP in the new 1.4.0 epsxe and with my config and the game doesn't run.
I got a pII 450 with a geforce 256
Instead with the old version of epsxe the game works well the speech and audio too but the battles are too slow even if i try to run the game with with the worst graphic options
So i think there's a problem with the emulator...:confused:
That's strange, Tokichi,

Your comp spec. and mine is almost the same.... My VP can work in ePSXe 1.40, and the sound works well too. But the battle is always skipping, sometimes slow, sometimes fast... I have post abt this matter .... read my thread..." Pls help, the battle in VP...." and some friends suggest me to change my GPU to Pete's D3D. I haven't try it yet, but I will later...

Tokichi, pls tell me abt your GPU, SPU, CDR and Bios... And don't forget abt the config too, maybe I can help...
gpu : pete opengl or peted3d.dll
both configured to "fast"
spu : epsxe spu core 1.4.0 all options checked
cdr : cdr aspi core 1.4.0
bios : i tried the scph 1001 - scph 7502 - dtlh300 but all doesn't work very well, that is the game works very well but when there is a battle the game is too slow!!!!
the new version of epsxe makes the speech in this game a bit better for me...
But now it tends to just lock-up on random sentences...
I've never got to the point there a battle has even started.
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