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Valkyrie Profile DISC change problem

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i know many of you already have read this over & over again
but im having problems with changing disc tryied everything with deamon tools , Iso you name it and still i get this annoying black screen FREEZE
i tryed cheating my way with disc 2 using save states but that wont work :(

is THERE a FIX to this PROBLEM ? i looked everywhere & people just talk nonsense stuff that wont even work so im asking is there a fix to this or should i just stop playing ? cause i need the real game ?

tnx already for reading :D
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i found the SOLUTION :D !!
for anybody who has same problem
go download PSXemulator v1.13 go to configuration go 2 memcards and copy the ones u uses then open the game (ISO FIRST) then when it ask for CD 2 open deamontools mount disc 2 iso then go to insert CD drive search for the mounted one and your good to go :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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