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Valkyrie Peofile

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Could some 1 tell me if Valkyrie profile works with VGS or are there any patches to make it work?
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i think you need the gametext to play that game on vgs. Try going to for more info about Valkryie Profile.
unfortunately Janus, you might experienced some troubles with that awsome game, VP... I've tried different ways to resurrect the "dead" Valkyrie Profile on any emulators...but seems that only "hard work" will make that work on VGS... if you've read that aldo's link, you'll understand the way, on my system, it's running almost perfect but since I won't play with such troubles, maybe I'll wait for the next-gen VGS, or ePSXe, or FPSE (lots of options haha) :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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