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There can be two reasons for the battle slowdowns in VS:

1) I know that the games uses motion blur effects... so, if you have set the
framebuffer textures to 'gfx card buffer' you will get most of that effects,
but speed goes down (depends on your card and driver settings, though).
Try using the 'Black' mode.

2) VS does some rotating color effect in battles, too. Most cards will not have
enough ram to cache all the differently colored textures. So a lotta texture
uploading occurs, and again, depending on your card, that can slow down the
If you have a GeForce, try the OGL plugin and 'palettized textures' with that
game. If you have a 3dfx card, use the D3D plugin and 'palettized textures'.
If you have any other card: live with the slowdowns... or try if yours can support
the palettized mode, too. Usually it's a bit slower than the 'dynamic' one, but with
certain games speed will be always on the the same level, and not drop down
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