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This is the Config I'm running at the moment for Vagrant Story. This seems to give me the best overall Gfx quality and game play. please if anyone has suggestions to improve it please let me know.

Plugin: Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.7
Author: Pete Bernert
Card vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
GFX card: RADEON 9700 PRO x86/MMX/3DNow!/SSE

- 1280x1024 Fullscreen - NO desktop changing
- Internal X resolution: 1
- Internal Y resolution: 2
- Keep psx aspect ratio: off
- No render-to-texture: off

- Filtering: 4
- Hi-Res textures: 0
- TexWin pixel shader: on
- VRam size: 128 MBytes

- FPS limitation: on
- Frame skipping: off
- FPS limit: 60.0

- Offscreen drawing: 2
- Framebuffer effects: 3
- Framebuffer uploads: 2

- Scanlines: off
- Mdec filter: on
- Screen filtering: on
- Shader effects: 3/3
- Flicker-fix border size: 0
- GF4/XP crash fix: off
- Game fixes: off [00000000]

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I'm new to all of this, accounting for my very early forum kicks due to repeated posts :(, but I wondered if its possible to set ups profiles for games and save them. For example. Say I want to use the exact setup as mentioned above for Vagrant Hearts. Can I save it and load that profile up everytime I load that particular game?

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The various ePSXe front-ends should have customiseable title-specific profiles.

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I prefer ePSXeCutor myself. Reasons:

- Delta is good if you want to launch your games by sticking the game disk in the drive. It comes with a background program that monitors your CD drive for disk insertion and launches the emulator with the appropriate config. I make ISOs of everything so that's not very useful to me.
- Even if I did want that function, I don't want yet another program sitting in the background eating system resources (memory and CPU) when I'm not actually playing a PSX game, which is most of the time. The CD drive checker stays loaded all the time.
- ePSXeCutor lets you create a Windows shortcut to launch any particular game. I don't know if Delta does that or not, anyone else know?
- I already had quite a few configs in ePSXeCutor before I'd heard of Delta, so given the above I couldn't see putting in the extra work to convert configs when Delta didn't seem to provide any additional functionality that I wanted.

Your mileage may vary.

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