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Vagrant Story Best Config

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What is the best possible config for Vagrant Story? I tried it and it worked okay except for some movie problems. I have it on Pete's D3D because the OpenGL screwed up, and I have a GeForce2 GTS. I think the movie problems may be solved by iso'ing it, i'm doing that right now. Please help me!
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i use pete d3d, and i have an intel 810e chip so you should get better graphics with your geforce:

i use 5551 textures, filtering w/o sprites, palettized textures
16 bits 640x480
off screen drawing extended, fb black, color dithering and unfiltered mdecs on

null 1.35
44100 hz, 16 bit
buffer 100, block 10,
use reverb
enable tone cache, linear interpolation activated
spu irq hack, xa sound, xa read enabled

with this config, i get 50-60 fps and mdecs 60 always, i have a teac cdr and use core cd plugin
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