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v3 crashes instantly - Unhandled Exception - SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryPropertyW: 122

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just installed into a single folder and running it (admin or not) it crashes instantly. I searched like crazy and only found git and such from multiple years ago on this... not any 'fix' posted. I want to run v3 since I only want it running for a single app. I'm on Win11... anyone know how to fix?
If I press continue I can navigate the UI
Selecting game drop-down: only shows x360ce, nothing else
Selecting Controllers tab:, it crashes with a different error (only one USB Zero Delay encoder on the PC)

really appreciate the help!

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Hi, having the same issue I'll follow this topic.
Windows 11, x360ce 32 bits needed for Pinball FX3.
Seems I find a solution, with W11 the v3 version of x360ce doesn't work but v4 is ok with 32 bits games as well.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts