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Using the Computer as Heater

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Well, the heater broke down... so I figured I'd use the computer to heat up my room, ( it worked fairly well ) not to mention the computer worked much better since it was cold in here and it reached lower tempratures. Is this a new use of the computer perhaps? :lol:

P.s. Turn off your heaters ;)
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Yeah, my PCs been acting like that ever since I came back to Gosport. It's an attic room so it haemorages heat. Leave the PC on and it's all good. Of course in summer the opposite is true.....
Same here, in summer, I need a huge fan in the room for me to stay alive :p
Raziel said:
Same here, in summer, I need a huge fan in the room for me to stay alive :p

You think you got it bad.. come live in my room.. keeping me and my PCs cool is a 24/7 job.. my room is a tornado... :(
I guess we all need massive water cooling :p
Heh. You should see our server room. The main calculation cluster alone pumps out approx. 6kw of heat.
When I leave my computer on (which is almost always), my room typically stays around 76-80° F (24.4-26.6° C), sometimes reaching 82° F (27.7° C). If I turn off my computer then it goes to 74° F (23.3° C) or so. I tend to open up my windows at night to help cool off my room and my computer but my parents get upset sometimes because they think I'll catch a cold :lol:. I have used my computer to heat up my room on purpose a couple of times though; it does work quite well, especially with it overclocked :p.
for me the biggest problem is my hot monitor i think. its a CRT :emb: :emb:
My current monitor doesn't run very hot but my old 14 inch Proview monitor I had a while back got so hot I swear I could cook food on the top of it. I killed it in Feburary 2001 by cranking it up to 1600x1200 though :D.
I've had the heat vent closed for the past couple of months, because it has been too warm in my room. During the winter months it gets pretty cold here. I live in a basement so it's usually cooler down here than the rest of the house. When temps go below -20c, I open the vent for a little while.;)

Since upgrading my computer from the Celeron 900 to the 2500+ AMD, 9800 Pro etc, and having 4 exhaust fans in my computer, it puts out a LOT of heat.

Keeps the inside of the computer nice and cool, while warming my room up at the same time. I do turn my computer off at night though, it needs rest as well.:) Especially in the summer when it's boiling hot out.
My room is so big that it's very hard to make it specifically hot in there. I live in the basement too, so it's always a nice temperature there, both summer and winter.
Well the geniuses running my dorm don't know the difference between warm and cold weather and have same type air running in the rooms. It takes them a couple of days to get it right, but the time between is hell enough. Imagine it being cold outside only to have cold air running in the room. So my lappy comes in handy before i go to bed. I leave the comp on the bed for about 30 mins before i sleep and it's nice and toasty when i hop in. ;) Other than that i can't use my lappy to keep warm in fear of burning my thighs and balls.:D
hehehe.. I do it all the time during winter. And sometimes when the temp. is ok outside i open the window before going to skool to cool the comp. down.
That's awesome zman! But you say "lappy" one more time and I'm gonna ***** slap you.:p Tell me about it, the people that live upstairs at my house control the thermostat. So they put the heat on whenever they like and mom usually ends up freezing.
laaaaapppp.....notebook. :p

Anyway, i think i'll start calling my computer a notebook since this thing can't stay on my lap. :lol:
I have to open my window when I'm playing games, because my computer heats up my room very fast at full load. At normal use, when the cpu is not at full load, my room usually have a perfect temperature :D except in summer of course, it gets so damn hot in here. I have to let my window stay open all day >_>
My new rig puts out more heat than my secondary one, even though the cpu runs cooler. I have already had to turn the AC on twice. I'm sure it will be runnin all the time when summer comes.
Betamax said:
Heh. You should see our server room. The main calculation cluster alone pumps out approx. 6kw of heat.
Hey, now im just dying to see what it looks like!!
Can u take some pictures??
Hahaha! My cats lay next to the computer since it's warm.
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