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hey guys

i use 1.60 epsxe to play a few rpgs

I have the latest version of pec cheat and version 2.1 pec edit

i can get cheats working on games in the predone data base. like breath of fire 3 and stuff

but the game i really want to do is Vangaurd Bandits and have codes for it.

But i couldnt edit or save anything in pec cheat, when trying to add cheats. I would hit 'ok' and it would say error, cannot save to blah blah no matter what id do.

so i downloaded pec edit 2.1 i think and didnt have a dll file to run i had to find that dll file and install it to windows, not fun, but not too hard, little time consuming trying iver and over learning baby steps of it....

so i have pec edit working and i can add cheats to a little database, but i cant transfer that data base to pec cheater, i can 'merge' databases but i only recieve from pec cheater amd nothing of mine goes to pec cheat, i just get pec cheat overiding my custom cheat list....

i tried even copying the actual databases and transfering to different folders but only screwed stuff up.

im so close to finally being able to cheat this game up.
help me:eyemove:
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