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Using Lewpy's 3Dfx Plugin for FF VII

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I have a Voodoo 3 graphics card in my computer and i use Lewpy's 3Dfx Graphics plugin for the epsxe. can anyone tell me how to configure the plugin to play the game? i've tried with the default settings, but the battle menu does show up on the screen (where i can select attack and such)
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>wont it be easier to use a snes emulator with a snes game (there are no bonuses like art and whatever bonuses there are, but there arent crappy loading times either!)

Sure, that sounds like a great idea! Brilliant, a truly cunning plan. There is however, one tiny little flaw....
FFVII (FF7) was never released on the SNES. FFVI (FF3/6) was the last one released on said console. FF7 is only on the PC and the PSX. You are really quite rodgered if you play the PC version these days, so the PSX version is realisticly the only choice.
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