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Using Glide Wrapper with Epsxe Lewpy's?

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Can i use glide wrapper with epsxe and then use lewpy's glide plugin?If can, how to use it?
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yes you could but why? Use a native 3d pluggin for your graphics card which it supports......... It will run better and have less bugs..... No one is going to support wrappers when there are so many great pluggins available to use for your graphics card..... Why do you think this thread is so empy.....hehe :) Plus any problems you may have by using wrappers will not be answered.....
ummm, no you can't..Lewpy uses Glide 3, As far as I know there is maybe one barely started Glide 3 wrapper, the rest are glide 2. Besides Lewpy's plugin already shows the bugs in some glide releases, a glide wrapper would have to be incredibly perfect to even come close to working.
Ho...thanks for the info...usually i use my own graphic card(geforce2)...i just want to see the image quality when using voodoo...i've never seen one in voodoo and i guess that my friend too...because at my place they normally sell geforce...anyway thanks
Using a wrapper would not show you the quality you get on a Voodoo card.
What it shows you is the quality you get using a wrapper on your own graphics card.
Two completely different things.
To see the quality you get on a Voodoo card, run it on a Voodoo card.
And yes, I don't support wrappers, even if there was one up to the job of emulating Glide for my plugin. I stress this quite clearly in my readme, I believe.
Use Pete's plugins, and be happy :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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