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Using Codebreaker without patching

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Hello, I am Ceonn. I created this account in order to help peopel with the patching problems they may have.
To do this you will have to be able to launch codebreaker via disc or mounted image. (idc how you got it but don't tell me >.>)

Anyways, start up codebreaker in pcsx2. For this I will be using he game Kingdom Hearts fm+ as an example.

Step 2 (this step is completely optional and may be skipped if you allready have codes for the game you are playing) Get the codes you want to use from whatever code source you are using. Make sure you have the master code in there. You set up codes in here just as you would on the regular ps2.

Step 3 Now that you have selected your codes, just as you would if you were using this on the ps2, press start and save the files (if you added new codes). When you get back to the front page, hit the first icon *the one that opens the disc tray on a ps2)

Step 4 Now for the fun, hit esc. This should take you back to pcsx2 main screen for those who didn't know. Now switch in the game you will be using. (in my case, kingdom hearts 2 fm+) Now, Execute the file instead of running the cd/dvd. This should bring you back into the codebreaker interface.

Step 5 If you did everything I have said up till now, you should be in the codebreaker main screen with it telling you to hit x when the disk is in the tray. Go ahead and hit x. If youve done this right your game should start up with the codes you have enabled, no patching required! ;). You may now kiss my feet due to my superior smartitude. (jk =D) Enjoy playing the game with cheats without patching! Enjoy!

P.s at this time I cannot add images to this tutorial due to a problem I am having. I apoligize if you can't understand this without having some pics to help you out, but i cant do anything about it atm :(
P.P.S. Some codes will not work. Usually codes that directly change a major part of the game or has too many lines of code can not be used. For isntance, In Kingdom Hearts 2, the code that changes the level of all the spells in your possesion can't be used. I'm not about to check every single code for every game, so experiment with it and find out what codes work and which ones don't. Also, too many codes at once could freeze the game upon loading. I'm still testing some of the problems with this meathod, but so far nothing bad has happened to my saves or game data. I still suggest creating a backup save file just in case something does happen.
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I have tried that myself, but I have noticed that even less codes are stable when I do that. Even my mastercode crashed the game >.> The I tried the way I showed you and it worked fine. If that was works for you then good for you! just because I can't use it doesn't mean it wont work for all of you :)
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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