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nope. the emu is backwards compatible, i.e. it works with old plugins, but the plugins arent. so u cant use jabos 1.4 is say pj64 1.2 . for speed u can alter the CF in the rom settings once a rom has been loaded, and then remember to reset the rom. or use 1964.0.7.1 which is years faster (perfect dark is fast on a p3 550). although there is a considerable loss in sound quality, despite sound improving greatly with jabos 1.4 (strangely) in 1964. only a few games arent compatible with 1964 which are with pj64, like wetrix...

otherwise pj64, requires about 1 ghz machine for a good experience. if u hav at least that, then pj64 is the best n64 experience, due to the amazing sound and core.
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