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Do not request patches.
If there are any they will be in all likelyhood posted here.
It should be obvious that we cannot make patches for games that we don't have.
Don't flood this thread with patches that are property of companies like Datel, Blaze or Pelican.

Don't use any patch before you have read it's purpose in the commentary line.

Just to cure our collective headaches "warnings about default.xml" being blank, or "patches not found", are merely information, they do not in any way effect PCSX2's compatibility or performance.

Feel free to complain about non-working patches though :eyemove:

If you submit self-made patches edit them like this please:
gametitle= Game Name [SERIAL ID] (J/U/E)
comment= patches by author


a single line can be disabled by writing leading slashes or enabled by removing leading slashes

Following patches enabled by default:
- skip videos
- skip ilink/firewire/network check
- actual cheats like "unlock all stuff", "infinite lives" etc.

Most problems related to sound, VSync, DMA, CSR, VIF and GIF have been fixed meanwhile by the PCSX2 developers.
So these patches should be disabled.
However i leave them in the patch files for future reference. That and because i'm too lazy to edit them all.

the "skip video" patches for "Gran Turismo 4" had been written for original DVD9 discs.
So don't expect them to work with "DVD5 rips", "PTP/OTP fixed DVD9+R" or "flattened HD ISOs".
Don't ask me or anybody else from PCSX2 team to make such. TIA


Misc. links:

Recommended text editors:
.:: NOTEPAD++ ::.
EditPad Lite - Free Text Editor for Windows
XML Notepad 2007 - for the new patch format


Patch Making For Dummies (SceMpegIsEnd)

Load US NTSC Final Fantasy X Gamesaves with ANY FFX version!

IPU Freeze Fix Patch (PAL FFX and FFX demo)

"Phaste 1.20" - cheat code trainer for PCSX2 TLB
- to use found cheats inside a patch file, you must write patch=1,EE,... - also use only byte or word codes

"PCSX2Get 1.70" - shows PC, RA, EPC and ErrorEPC in realtime - for PCSX2 0.9.1 (VC 2003)


Kingdom Hearts G+F savepoint 1+2
FFX quickstart guide

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Patch for FFX-2 Italian!

Is Perfect! Make by Me!

Sorry, i don't speak English! :guitar:
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New patch for the game Ride or Die (PAL) SLES 522.76
The game goes a little further, u can reach the menu, but after the memcard selection screen, the game hangs.

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Shadow Hearts Skip Video Patch (SLES_508.22)

Reaches the menu, hangs at NewGame.


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My patch worked fine for me o_O made couple of screens

gametitle=Final Fantasy X-2
comment=Skips Video (sceMpegIsEnd)
//Skip Videos
Thats the content of my patch... and it worked with my version... o_O

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I made a patch for Katamari Damacy and We Love Katamari. A while back, and the post was locked because I used screenshots from a 0.9 build. Anyway, I had problems getting the patch past the tutorial into the menus. I was wondering if somebody could check to see if there is anyway to go further. Thanks.

btw, I've asked several times about this but, I cannot get the PS2 Save Builder to work for me, could somebody get one of the saves off of GameFAQs and build it? Everytime I run PS2 Save Builder, my computer freezes and I have to Crtl+Alt+Delete to end the task of it. I have both versions of the .NET Framework installed

Thanks Again, dcemuser

Edit: Doh! I forgot to include the link to my eariler post! Here it is: Katamari

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms X (SLUS_212)

Skip Video Patch(Made with the tutorial). Game goes ingame with it but i get lock ups - meaning the emulation seems to continue, sound is playing normal, but i cant do anything more, as if the game is in pause mode. Mostly happened when leaving the barracks menu.

Tested some more. It seems to happen randomely. Best way to go around is save on memory card. Savestates work too but not allways - lock up happens again - though i could save on memory card when i loaded a state and then reload the saved game and continue.
The most problems are with battles and longer sequences which play automatically. Since you can't save "normally" in these the only way is using savestates. But with those there is a high chance that it freezes again.
[edit] 04.07.2006 Version 0.9.1 Update
Without the patch the intro video seems to get further but with bad sound. Yet it stops at some point so the patch is still needed.
The freezes dont seem to happen now but i need to test some more to be fully sure 'bout that.
Freeze still happens
18.11.2006 Version 0.9.2 Quick Update
Patch still needed
Freezing still happens - might be not as often as before though
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