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I haven't found any mention of this so I figured I'd share:

I've been playing Super Mario Galaxy with a X360 controller which is working well, except for the levels where tilt controls come into play. Then I realized I already have an app on my Android phone(Samsung Galaxy s5) that allows me to use the phone as a PC game pad,and a couple of the pre-made configurations use the phone's accelerometer(like a six-axis sensor). I was able to bind the X and Y axes to the emulated wiimote and it worked very well.

If you want to try it:
I installed "PC Remote VIP" android app made by Jiang Lei (I think you can use the free version just called "PC Remote" to get the controller features, but the ads may be annoying)

You also must install a little program (link in app description) on your PC that receives the app's control signals over wifi or I think bluetooth connection works also. This adds a game controller your PC recognizes called "monect hid device".

Picture of controller on phone:

Binding the axes to tilt is easy in Dolphin because there's a toggle in the app to switch between controlling with buttons or the six axis accelerometer; so you can detect the axis with the different buttons, then turn on the "G-sensor" when you're ready to play.

There's also a few buttons so you can bind one to jump if you're playing SMGalaxy. I also made two buttons save state and load state since those levels are so much trial and error.

Last tip: Don't forget some games need you to put a check next to "upright wiimote" or "sideways wiimote". If you don't do upright for SMGalaxy, the tilting will be very messed up.
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