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Okay, my problem is, I play PSX games on both the real hardware AND on emulators, but obviously I'd be playing each game twice, once on the real console and once again on the emulator.
Are there an PSX memory cards that take SD cards, or can be accessed in windows using USB?
This way I could easily load save files within ePSXe, and then simply plug the card into my PSX when I want to continue progress.

Anybody know of any products that would help me?
I have searched, but everything I find is PS2 related.

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if only it were that simple. ps2 memcard slots are 100% compatable with ps1, but you'll need either a dexdrive or similar, or make your own pc serial/ps1 adapter [google it]. the usb/ps2 adapters are for ps3, so you'll need that & programs to convert to pc emu formats.
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