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File Uploading Database

FUD - File Uploading Database

I'm hoping this thread will last awhile as I'm sure many of you have surfed the net for hour-long sessions looking for decent/free file hosts. I hope this database grows as time progresses and people will continue to appreciate this approved database of hosts that over the past few weeks I've been compiling a list of. Here's the list of what I've got so far and if you know anymore feel free to share them :).

Note: This was designed for 1024x768 and these websites are for File Hosting, not for websites which can be found in this thread.

Link (Rating 1-5) ----- File Orientation - Upload Limit ------- Bandwidth - Interface - Registration
Upload Temple (5/5) --- Standard Files ---- 30mb -------------- Unlimited ---- Simple ------ No
Imageshack (4/5) ------ Images ---------- 1mb ---------------- Limited ----- Simple ------ No
FileFront (4/5) --------- Standard Files --- 10 Hours ------------ Unlimited ---- Simple ----- Yes
Rapidshare (3/5) ------- Standard Files --- 30mb --------------- Unlimited --- Confusing --- No
PutFile (3/5) ----------- Media ----------- 2mb Img/10mb Vid -- Unlimited ---- Simple ------ No

Enjoy! And don't forget to suggest anyones I've left out :).
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This is file hosting, not entire webpage hosting :). Even more so, If you check the TOS for the websites listed in that link you'll find they specifically say you can't register for only hosting files. Now please keep this on-topic.
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