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Upload speed seems limited

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Problem: my utorrent upload speed seems to cap at 250kb, when it should be around 750kb

Those are my ISP speeds. i cant seem to figure this one out :p
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Does utorrent have speed limiters for upload/download speeds?
yeah its all configured to be unlimited though. same with allowing more users to connect, i think its at like 200 now.
Hmm... and you have the proper network ports opened on any firewalls between you and your ISP?
Maybe your isp is throttling your torrent upload but not download activity.
Indeed and good point. :)

Does utorrent allow you to switch ports in its config? If so, change it to some other random port outside of the normal bittorrent range and adjust your firewalls accordingly.
Thanks, I remember reading a year or so ago about some american ISPs doing that. You could google up your isp+throttling and see what pops up.
Cap your upload speed to 650 or 675Kbps and see what happens. Sometimes uTorrent actually gives poorer speeds when its set to unlimited.
its at port 13776, i dont know what the normal range is for torrents. i just opened the port last night though, even though i always got green in utorrent. Plus, the data is encrypted.
I've read it's better to use any port over 10,000, not sure if that actually has any element of truth to it though.
Do you have the encryption set to "enabled" or "forced"?
DOes it get any better if you use "enabled"?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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