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I'm going to try to get my system set up to run PSX games since my brother keeps hogging the PS2. I was hoping I could get some help in determining what I need to upgrade to get games to run.

I tried to run FF7 and it runs ok, but it has some major visual problems:
1. When running around, the characters are filled in with white. Only their eyes and small patches of their clothing(mainly orange colored) actually show up.
2. When fighting, the characters are fine, but the menu portion on the bottom is gone. It's completely black.

Current Settings:
500 MHz Intel Celeron
Intel 810 Chipset Graphics Driver PV1.1
Toshiba DVD-Rom (12x?)
Crystal WDM Audio Codec Sound Card
Gravis Eliminator Aftershock

Is there anything I have to upgrade to make the game work and what do I need to upgrade for optimal performance?

Thanks for any help,

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I don't have the game, so I can't help you with those problems. However, I can tell you that a new cpu(celeron is not very good), more ram(128mb should be ok) and a new video card(any decent any video card is better than yours) would really make the emu run better.

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Are you talking about upgrading your hardware? Or configuring epsxe and its pluggins?

For your current video card, Petes d3d or petes soft gpu pluggins should work ok.. Just click on the fast button in petes d3d pluggin.. Read all the documentation that comes with epsxe and the pluggins.. They will help you to set epsxe up for your system.. Then read the epsxe FAQS at

For hardware, upgrading your video card to a geforce card would help you run games with more graphics effects and speed up the games as well.. A new cpu would help a lot too..
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