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Upgrading my videocard based on emulation support, help me please

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Short question: is it better to buy an outdated nVidia card or an up-to-date ATI one if emulators support is my main goal?

Long question: OK, so I'm upgrading my videocard -a Radeon X850XT- mainly because I have a strange issue emulating Capcom VS SNK games, both Dreamcast and Naomi versions -in the first one sometimes I see grids of thin lines, in the second one I see them on the character who is facing right all the time-, but also because it's very old by now: its shaders are too old and I'm forced to use the 9.3 legacy drivers because AMD doesn't give support for it anymore in the latest drivers.
I have a doubt anyway: is it better to choose an nVidia card or an ATI one if I wanna be sure I will get the less issues possible in emulation? It looks to me like emu developers have a sympathy for nVidia cards and tend to blame it on ATI when an emulator has visual issues with ATI cards -I really read "blame it on ATI" on an emu readme for example, and we know something there are specific fix in emulators which need to be used only with ATI cards-, but buying an nVidia card now would mean choosing a card which isn't up to date, while a card like the ATI HD5770 would suit my budget perfectly and be technologically up to date at the same time. What should I buy?

As a side question, the issue I have with Capcom VS SNK games could be just caused by the old ATI drivers and doesn't exist anymore with the latest ones?
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Grid lines will happen regardless of GFX card or settings.
Tearing in epsxe is NOT caused by lack of vsync. it it caused by incorrect GFX settings...... but at this point your out of luck because i cannot remember the exact fix.
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