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Upgraded Today :)

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Finally decided to upgrade to AMD Athlon 64 and so I went out to FRYs and picked up an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Winchester (939) which runs at 2 GHz stock. I knew these ran very cool in the temps and very overclockable .. so I also got an Asus A8V Deluxe.

So I overclocked it to 2.6 GHz with just FSB adjustments (260 MHz FSB) and my Kingston DDR-SDRAM PC3200 (2x512 Dual Channel) is running at 216.6 MHz with no stability issues .. haven't even adjusted the voltage. Currently running the CPU at 29 degrees celsius.

I am very pleased and probably could go higher, but a 600 MHz increase over stock speeds is good for me. :)
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How much did the Amd 64 3200+ run for? I remember seeing one combo for $220 at fry's but that might be 754.
wow, sweet. Fry's kicks ass. did you get a combo type thing, or just buy the parts seperately?
seperately, cost me more in the long run since I could get it cheaper online, but wanted it today. :D

$240 for the cpu and $160 for the mobo
Thats alot but probably better than combo since it will last you in the long run. But you shouldve went with Pci express. When i got my system i went with agp b/c i spent alot on my videocard and didnt want it to go to waste and it was really cheap.
well the "deals" arent the Winchester core, are they? like INCA said i think those are the 754 ones that are so you get a POS mobo ;p
Hey my mobo isnt a POS. The one they provide is actually good. Up to this point i had no problem. And you cant beat price of 200 for both cpu and mobo. But i can see why you wouldc calll most combos POS. My old 1800 had the worst POS MSI mobo that came with it.
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