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I love the new vBulletin 3.5 and have it running on my own site. NGEmu needs to upgrade so we can have the same cool features here. The main one I want from a user's standpoint is the instant edit using ajax.

The other stuff is great for the admin/moderating team. A lot of new inline moderation and admin options that make moderating the forums very easy.

The best part of 3.5 is the new plugin/hook system. This allows admins to easly add new modification to the forums without having to mess with editing the source files. The most you usually need to do is edit the design template which can be done in the admin control panel. Same with uploading the plugin xml files. So this allows any of the admins the ability to add new stuff without the need for ftp access or editing files that could break the forums.

With the plugin system the forums can be upgraded from one version to the next without having to readd modifications which is the problem now with older versions. With older versions everytime you upgraded you had to rehack your board with the modifications you wanted. Now all the plugins are handled with the plugin manager within the admin control panel .. so you can even turn them off and on whenever.

Hope to see the forums here upgraded soon :)

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Heh, I've posted that in the admin board a few hours ago. We need either bobbi/thorgal/dixon to do the update. Till then, the forum will stay as it is.


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moomoomoo said:
Bobbi seems to have slipped off the face of the earth.. Dixon might be able to manage it though.

Actually, it appears Bobbi hasn't slipped off the face of the earth. Heh.
Bobbi logs on pretty often he just doesnt posts :p

On topic: this update adds the in-post quick edit right? that feature is nice :)
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