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Upgrade Suggestion

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I know there are TONS of threads on this, but I'm wondering what I should get next here is my current system.

Mobo: Abit NF7
CPU: Amd Athlon XP 2500+ @ 3200+
Ram: 512mb of Crucial DDR 3200
Sound: Soundblaster Live!
Video Card: Radeon 9500 np
Other: Dvd, cd burner, floppy etc. etc.

I was thinking about getting the video card first cuz I'm only getting like 20 fps in Vampire the Masqurade, but then again more ram could help too....
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An athlon64 64bit, Socket 939, Nforce4 SLi system if you are planning to all out :D
you aregoing to need a videocard and up it to a gig of RAM. get another stick of 512, run that in dual channel, and stick a 6800 in there (any flavor). you might want to get an Audigy or Audigy 2 also. any furhter upgrades and you'll probably need a new motherboard and processor (like Reich suggested). but that's not much of an upgrade, that's a new computer ;)
Heck with an audigy....I have a live, and it sounds great!!! Much better than the onboard audio I've had for years now. But besides that, I agree with hushy, add another 512 stick of ram, and up the vid card.
Well I'm kinda poor right now so I was figuring an upgrade in the area of ~$200. So should I go for the videocard or the ram first? If I get the ram I'll probably have enough for a new soundcard too, but I don't really need a sound card, the soundblaster live is doing good for me.
with that 200 bux, if you look in the right place (*ahem then you can get a 6600gt, which is one of the "best" cards out there.
get the videocard that will make the biggest difference. newegg doesn't have any 6600GTs that are AGP for around 200. the ones that are AGP are like 230 and more. if you get to 300 you can get a 6800nu. i got my albatron 6800 for $303 including tax and shipping.
like I said me=poor, two hundred is even pushing it..or should I just save and wait
have you tried flashing the 9500 to 9700? or does it only work with 9500p's
only np but mine doesn't work
Well, if that's the case, then go for the ram stick. Consider extra ram=better overall system performance whereas a new graphics cards simply equals better graphics.
Yeah, thats what I'll do, my b-day is coming up soon maybe if I beg enough I'll get a new graphics card.
I would save up if I was you. While you could possibly get a 6600 GT, I dont really like the fact they only have 128 MB Ram on them. Sure the ram is undoubtedly fast, but I just think that aint enough memory for today's cards. I think that if your going to get a new card and want to be absolutely sure you will be happy with it, its gotta be 256 MB, where you can get a 6800 nu like hushypushy said, though I would love to have a 6800 GT myself, but its still way too much.
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