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I got a PM yesterday with few questions about the upcoming Dxbx release, that I'd like to answer here in public :
Frog186 said:
What are you going to work on right now and later on?
Regarding Xbox emulation, I'm currrently working on improving XdkTracker (you could see for yourself if you take a look at the source-code change log here : Repository - [dxbx] Revision log)
What will be in the new Dxbx emulator when it is released?
As for the next release of Dxbx, we would like to have the controller-code translated, so that Dxbx can actually give input to the emulation-engine. Our engine is not useable yet, but Cxbx's engine (called CxbxKrnl.DLL) is, so that would give us a preview of things to come!
Will the new released dxbx been able to play games when it is released at christmas eve or even christmas?
I don't know if this will succeed, but we'll be posting a release on christmas anyway. At the very least, this will give you an all-new XdkTracker :heh:


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A Dxbx release for christmas sounds really good to me, and you guys are doing a good job porting Cxbx to delphi.

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