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Now for the info

* "Envy" was Epic's code name for the next UT, now the official title has been confirmed as "Unreal Tournament 2007" by Midway.
* Expect UT2004's "bounciness" to be toned down in the next UT.
* The double-jump is back.
* The game will focus on AI, specifically voice-controlled AI.
* As with many UT2004 levels, the layout of maps in the next UT is being finalized before artwork is incorporated.
* The game will feature a global ratings system that will allow clans to compare scores.
* Gametypes include Onslaught, DM, TDM, CTF, and the all-new Conquest mode. It appears that Assault, Bombing Run and Domination have been dropped.
* Classic map Deck 17 returns in UT2007! -- "The level we brought in first is called Deck 17 [...] because we knew if we made changes and tweaked the movement, everyone would be able to see the difference and the improvement because they knew what the level felt like before." - Jim Brown
* "We're not trying to make a prettier UT2K4. We're really trying to make a very new game." - Steve Polge
* Epic aims to correct the steep learning curve seen in UT2003/4, making the game enjoyable for newbies and veteran players alike, hence the ability to use your stats to find similarly-skilled opponents
* "People in the lobby can say 'Hey, I want to play a capture-the-flag match on this map.' and you'll set it up from there and boom, you'll all go off and play it." - Steve Polge on in-game lobbies.
* Epic hopes to have deeper community integration in-game for the next UT.
* UT2007 will be published by Midway in the second half of 2006.
* According to Epic, UT2007's AI and gameplay are already better than that of UT2004, and most other current titles.
* "Out goal is to make a much better UT than anyone's ever seen." - Steve Polge.
* "Actually, we don't think 2K4 was very successful [...] It wasn't a bad game... I just wish it could have been a better game than it was." - Steve Polge
* "We've paid [...] a lot of attention to what the guys in the community are saying, and we take that .... to heart." - Jim Brown
* "The original Unreal Tournament was on the threshold of being a great game. If we had done 2K4 without having to feel kind of in the box of what we had started in 2K3, I think it would have been a much better game than it was." - Steve Polge
* "[In UT2004] you miss the feeling you get from being in someone's face and fighting with them." - Jeff Morris

Project Leads

* Steve Polge - Lead Designer
* Jim Brown - Lead Level Designer


* Nine 'Axon' vehicles taken from UT2004: ECE
* The Scorpion buggy now comes with an XMP-style rocket booster, as well as an 'eject' button which turns it into a self-destructing bomb.
* Scorpion now features Rocket Launchers instead of UT2004's energy web.
* Goliath tank may feature destructable treads this time around.
* Nine new Necris vehicles


* Rocket Launcher
* Flak Cannon
* Redeemer
* Link Gun
* Shock Rifle
* Sniper Rifle
* Dual Enforcers
* Stinger (from Unreal 1 and Unreal Championship 2, replaces the Minigun)
* Canister Gun (houses Grenade Launcher, Mine Layer, Bio Rifle)

Conquest Gametype Information

* Features eight teams, each with unique armor.
* Conquest maps are "potentially as large as three onslaught maps with assault-like objectives and even a form of limited resource management planned"
* "there may be the option to treat a conquest match like a long term war, so you can play, take a break, and then go back and play more later"
* "you can use your stats to find similarly abled opponents"
* "pre-game lobbies" will be present in some form
* "clan pages and other sites will be able to be viewed from within the game"
* "conquest will take advantage of the Unreal Engine 3's ability to seamlessly stream maps by putting you in a battlefield the size of several maps stitched together"
* "players will battle on one of two teams, each sides terriroty will look physically different, as you take a territory it will convert to the otherteams structures and physical surroundings"
* "conquest should appeal to a wider gaming audience and provide a place where longer-term strategy, teamwork, and face-to-face fragging all meet"
* Currently only exists "on paper".
* Seen as a replacement for Assault mode.


* Nakhti (Egyptians from UC2)
* Necris
* Juggernauts
* The Corrupt
* Iron Guard
* Krall
* Jacob's Team (Marines?)
* "Player's Team" (Unnamed)

Bots & AI

* Epic plans to give a lot more personality to the UT2007 bots, shown through their interactions with players and each other in the single player campaign.
* Bots' personalities will make them better suited to certain tasks.
* "So if you're doing a flag run, you can hear what's going on back at your base because guys are shouting to each other where the enemy's coming from and what they're doing to prevent it". - Steve Polge
* Voice command will play a much larger role in UT2007.
* "You'll be able to ask [the bots] questions about their status: 'Is there anybody down in the cavern?', 'No, cavern's all clear'. Or you could throw out warnings like, "There's a sniper on the tower. Go get the sniper.'"

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What about the PPU? I thought they were going to add that, LOL

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so then, let's wait for UT2008......don't buy :p

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How can u not buy this? :eek: Anyway i seen this few weeks ago in a magazine and damn it looked good.

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Yeah right. At 640*480 with everything set to low
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