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Hi, I am using RE Zero PAL version with Dolphin 2939 and the special version of Dolphin for RE games also (DolphinRE-ZERO.exe) and I have a problem. I start a new game in RE:ZERO and when I take the Restaurant vagon key and I try to use it in the door it doesn't work and I can't open the door. I did the same steps in the real gamecube console and it automatically open the door if you have the restaurant key, but not in emulator. I tried to open the door in NTSC version of the game and it works well in emulator and open the door but in PAL version it's impossible to open the door and continue playing.

I uploaded the SaveState when you have to open the door. You can see that you have the Key but it doesn't open the door. Place the file in correct folder and press F1 to load the State when you load Resident Evil Zero PAL version.

Here is the Saved State of the problem, remember, in PAL version of RE Zero:

RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

I hope Dolphin team can solve this problem. Thanks.
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