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Hey all, I just got a copy of BlazBlue for 360 and I used xtract360ex to extract the content of the disc to my hard drive. However, all the voices, background and artwork are all in files called .PAC's. I'm not sure what compression method this is, but Konvertor and other handlers couldn't read it. Already checked out this topic:

Doesn't seem to be the same type of .PAC on here. I'd really love to be able to view the artwork and voices for the game. Anyone know of a way to extract these? I know I'm probably **** out of luck with this, but maybe there is a tool out there I can't seem to find.

I took a picture of a hex view of one of the files since someone asked in the other topic about seeing the header, just thought I'd do it in case someone decided they needed to see it here. You can tell it's compressed:

Here's how the disc is laid out, just about everything but the .xex executable is in a .PAC:

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