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Unknown TV Shows

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I was thinking about the kind of television I like to watch earlier and got to realize that most of the shows that I like are british shows, being Scottish myself this isn't really surprising. I was thinking, though, that these shows probably don't get shown in most other countries and that these countries probably have many shows they love that I don't get to see even though I would love them if I did (the only real exception is America since we seem to get every last piece of garbage that the TV studios poop out next, thats not to say I hate *all* american shows just that we get E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G)

Anyway, the point of this thread is to compile a list of the best "unknown to the rest of the world" shows and even shows which are from other places and very good but get no recognition not the shows evryone knows like Family Guy and Friends or anime or movies in order to allow people from other places to see these shows from buying the DVD or maybe watching them on TV if they are on a channel they would maybe never, normally, watch.

The best of brittish that I can think of is
-I'm Alan Partridge - extremely funny show about a guy who used to be on TV but ends up living in a travel tavern.
-Spaced - this show was least the first series was I really didnt like the second.
-Time Gentlemen Please - Al Murray is the funnies man alive. 'nuff said.
Garth Marengie's(sp?) Dark Place - A spoof horror series that was supposedly filmed in the 80s but never shown on TV untill now. Not very well recieved but it was amazingly funny.

The only great "unknown" foreign show I can think of is a US Sci-Fi show called Lexx which I have mentioned a few times on the boards. If you ever get a chance to watch it I guarantee you won't be disapointed... as long as you don't take to seriously... If everv you think "this is just stupid" just stare at the hot Xenia Seeberg and all will be well again :D

so now it is time for you all to share your favourites....
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I loved tripping the rift , Imo it was very entertaining , especially the way the cyborg and the clowns daughter were designed .
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