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Unique MGS problem

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I just got MGS working on ePSXe. Sound was a problem at first, but thanks to the old threads, I got the stuttering fixed. Now I've got a different and apparently unique problem. Everything works fine until I save state. As soon as I come back into MGS or load another state, the sound goes away completely. Also, loading a state in the middle of any non-playable scene causes the game to freeze...animated elements like snow or flashing lights keep going, but characters stop and the game won't respond. When I start hitting buttons, it completely freezes, and even the animated stuff stops. Searching the forums, I wasn't able to find anyone else with this problem, so I'm not sure anyone can help me, but it's worth a try. If you need my comp or plugin info, let me know. For starters, I'm using Pete's OGL 1.54 and Pete's DSound 1.11 (Eternal didn't work too well for me...still had some stuttering).
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This problem isnt so unique.It has been a well known fact with mgs, that most times save states will have problems and you will have to use the actual memory card.
There have been some glitches with save states in mgs,loss of sound is most common of them all.;)
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