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unexplained sound problems out of nowhere.... please help!

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well... ive always had great sound in epsxe until just recently... i changed NOTHING. everything is how it was before. and all of a sudden i have this problem where the sound is scratchy and has clicks in it.. but i found out if i minimize the game then fullscreen it again. it goes away... and i also noticed that if i make the screen resolution the same as my desktop, its not there. i have never had this problem b4 and i dont know why it would just appear.. i have my video plugins set to 1024 resolution, and my desktop is 800x600(i'd make it 1024 but my second monitor wont support more than 800x600...) it does this with both sound plugins i use which are internal 1.6 and/or external 1.41. i COULD simply set my video plugins to 800x600 and im sure everything would be fine. but that just sucks... i dont want to be limited to a lower res because some random sound problem occured. im sure theres a way to fix this. I'd really appreciate any suggestions. thanks in advance.

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Try raising the buffer on eternal. BTW, did anything change on your pc outside ePSXe? Graphic drivers, any newly installed program?
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