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unable to start

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i have set all the settings as told by the guide.
when i insert my PS2 game and clicked "run CD", the output window showed

rom1 not found
rom2 not found
erom not found

how do i fix this?
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sorry, there's something to add on
i dont have ISO image or bin file, only legal PS2 games
im using cDVDnull Driver0.4 for my cdvdrom plugin.
#1: You need CDVDpeops to run a legal disc from a DVD drive.
#2: You do not need rom1,2,erom, so don't worry about it.
#3: All you need in the BIOS folder is the main rom0 (4MB is size, normally badly named to something like SCPH10000.BIN / SCPHxxxx.BIN).
#4: CDVDnull will only allow you to execute a PDdemo ELF or run the bios, hence called 'null' eg, no CD / CDVD.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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