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I am new to PSX emulation & am trying to get something going on my laptop. My setup:

Dell Latitude D810 (widescreen)
Pentium M 2.13Ghz
1GB RAM (768Mhz)
Video = ATI Mobility Radeon X300
Sound = SigmaTel C-Major Audio (includes legacy codecs)

I am running PSXeven v0.19 w/ the following plugins selected:
Pete's OpenGL Driver v1.75
Eternal PSU Plugin v1.41
SaPu's CD-ROM Plugin v1.0
Pad1 Name is set to: Segu Direct Input Keyboard Driver

I have ripped .ISO files from the following game CD's (that I own):
Raiden Project
Geki-Oh: Shooting King

The games I've tried to load from CD are:
Einhander (runs really choppy, unplayable after about 30 seconds)
Geki-Oh (runs fine)
Raiden Project (runs fine)

However, I can't get any of the .ISO files to boot. In the terminal window, I just get the following:

* BIOS Loaded Succesfully.
* Memory Initialized Successfully.
* SIO Init Complete.
* Root Counters2 initialized
* Mdec Initialized
* R3000 Cpu Reset.
WARNING: Unable to locate psx executable.
* Gamecode found: NO_SYSTEM_CNF
* Detected NTSC Disk
* Setting cpu to mode2
* Started.
-- >> ESCAPE << --
* Ended.

WARNING: Unable to locate psx executable.

Can anyone help me out? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, does anyone know what software I should use to rip multi-mode CD's to a single .ISO for play in a PSX emu? Thanks!

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Xeven said:
The "ISO" might have been dumped in iso9660 format, instead of raw.
After doing some checking, I was able to get the Raiden Project ISO to load in both PSXeven & ePSXe, but none of the others would load (I ripped them all the same way). Not sure what the deal is, but I guess it's not that big a problem. It's cool that it even does that!
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